First Album

juillet 4, 2015
Producer: Erwann Texier-Harth
Number of discs: 1
This album is about « Sunyata », the « vacuity ».
I conceived this album as an endless loop, with interludes made with a theme (often played backwards) about the hidden track.
All the tracks are linked to one big track of around one hour. I made this to mimic the symbol of Sunyata in zen buddhism, « Ensō » in japanese language, a circle (open or closed have differents meanings), a loop that goes to eternity, oneness.
Recorded between February and June 2015.
Artwork: Florian Godier

released July 4, 2015

All instruments played and record by Erwann Texier-Harth
Mixed and mastered by Erwann Texier-Harth.

After my first Ep « Dreamtime », I wanted to sell something more than 5 tracks on a cd.
I choose to record an entire album by myself, with few funds. Still with my mic, guitar and laptop, I recorded 10 tracks, and made my first album « Ensō ». I sold it during street and stages performances, and it’s this cd who help me to becoming a bit less unknown (or a little more known if you prefer).

Listen Ensō on Youtube

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